APRIL  2013

April 2013 was a warm and unusually dry month.
Rainfall was very low totaling just 6.6 millimetres on 4 days with the highest daily fall being 3.2 mm on the 8th. This was Armidale’s lowest April rainfall since 2005 (2.4 mm).
Day temperatures were close to normal, but overnight temperatures were cooler than normal due to a number of calm, clear frosty nights in the second half of the month.
The first frosts of the year occurred from the 19th which produced a frost-free period of 175 days since the last frost in 2012 on 25th October.
Winds overall were lighter than normal and were mostly easterlies.

There were no noteworthy events.


APRIL 2013 STATISTICS  (long term averages in brackets)

Rainfall:  6.6 mm  (45.6 mm)

Rain days:  4  (8)
2012 rainfall total Jan to Apr:  313.6 mm  (301.2 mm)

Average maximum temp:  20.7 deg  (20.0 deg)  

Average minimum temp:  4.6 deg  (6.4 deg)  

Highest maximum temp:  24.4 deg on the 29th 

Lowest maximum temp:  15.1 deg on the 20th 

Highest minimum temp:  11.4 deg on the 4th 

Lowest minimum temp:  -2.2 deg on the 20th 

Fine sunny days:  16   (16)

Ideal weather days:  5  (3)

Days with thunderstorms:  2  (1)

Days with frosts:  10  (5)  light: 4,  moderate: 6   

Days with fogs:  5  (5)

Wind direction at 3pm & number of days:  E: 11,  W: 10,  SE: 5,  SW: 3,  N: 1

Average daily pan evaporation:  2.4 mm  (2.6 mm)

Thunderstorm details:

7th:    5.00-5.45pm - slight storm from south - 3.2 mm rain
16th:  4.30-5.30pm - slight storms from west - 1.8 mm rain