February 2014 was an unusually warm, dry month.
The rainfall total of 49.6 millimetres was well below the average and follows two very dry previous months. The majority of the rain fell during an eight day period in the middle of the month from the 13th to the 20th.
Day temperatures were well above normal with the hottest weather occurring from the 8th to the 13th. Overnight temperatures, however, were overall a little cooler than normal. There were no notable extremes.
Thunderstorm activity was a little lower than normal, and winds were generally light to moderate easterlies.

There were no noteworthy events.

FEBRUARY 2014 STATISTICS  (long term averages in brackets)

Rainfall:  49.6 mm  (88.9 mm)

Rain days:  9  (10)
2014 rainfall total Jan to Feb:  66.8 mm  (190.8 mm)

Average maximum temp:  27.7 deg  (25.3 deg)   

Average minimum temp:  11.6 deg  (12.6 deg)   

Highest maximum temp:  33.6 deg on the 12th 

Lowest maximum temp:  21.1 deg on the 5th

Highest minimum temp:  19.4 deg on the 16th

Lowest minimum temp:  7.6 deg on the 8th

Fine sunny days:  12  (12.5)

Ideal weather days:  0  (1)

Days with thunderstorms:  3  (5)

Days with frosts:  0  (0)    

Days with fogs:  3  (1)

Wind direction at 3pm & number of days:  E: 11,  W: 8,  SE: 3,  NE: 2,  SW: 2,  NW: 1,  S: 1

Average daily pan evaporation:  4.9 mm  (4.5 mm)

Thunderstorm details:

11th:   3.00-4.00pm - thunder heard, no rain
          5.05-6.00pm approx - thunder heard, no rain
13th:   7.30-8.15pm - moderate storm from south
16th:   6.00-6.20pm - slight storm