MARCH  2012

March 2012 was a dry, mild to warm cloudy month.
Despite the number of cloudy days, rainfall was less than half the average totaling 65.4 millimetres. All falls were light with the heaviest being just 6.0 mm from a thunderstorm on the 15th.

Day temperatures were mostly in the low to mid twenties and were slightly lower than normal. Overnight minimums were close to normal. There were no notable temperature extremes and no frosts.
Prevailing winds were light easterlies.

There was one thunderstorm on the 15th and there was no hail.

There were no noteworthy events.


MARCH STATISTICS  (long term averages in brackets):

Rainfall:  29.6 mm  (65.4 mm)

Rain days:  8  (10)
2012 rainfall total Jan to Mar:  203.0 mm  (255.9 mm)

Average maximum temp:  22.7 deg  (23.4 deg)  

Average minimum temp:  9.8 deg  (10.2 deg)  

Highest maximum temp:  28.0 deg on the 1st 

Lowest maximum temp:  18.5 deg on the 6th 

Highest minimum temp:  14.2 deg on the 4th 

Lowest minimum temp:  3.2 deg on the 24th 

Fine sunny days:  11  (17)

Ideal weather days:  0  (2)

Days with thunderstorms:  1  (2.5)

Days with frosts:  0   (1)   

Days with fogs:  4  (3)

Wind direction at 3pm & number of days:  E: 16,  W: 7,  SE: 3,  S: 3,  NW: 1,  Calm: 1 

Average daily evaporation:  3.2 mm  (3.7 mm)

Thunderstorm details:

15th:  4.00-5.30pm - slight storm

March 2012 daily data