MARCH  2015

March 2015 was a very warm and dry month.

The rain total of just 11.6 millimetres followed a very dry February with rain on just six days. There were thunderstorms on three days but these only brought light falls.
A number of troughs drawing in warm northerly air from Queensland caused maximum temperatures to be at their highest since 1998. The hottest for the month on the 20th was a 77 year record - see below.
Minimum temperatures were close to normal.

The first frost of the year occurred on the 28th ending a frost-free period of 175 days since the last frost on 2nd October 2014.
Prevailing winds were light to moderate westerlies.

Noteworthy events:
- A very warm north-westerly airstream ahead of a low pressure trough and cold front caused temperatures in northern New South Wales to soar to almost record levels in many areas. Armidale’s maximum of 33.8 deg was highest for the month of March since 7th March 1938 when it reached 34.4 deg at the post office. The minimum of 8.0 deg occurred at 7.30am, then the temperature rose rapidly with the maximum recorded at 4.20pm.
It was also Armidale’s hottest day since 23rd November 2014.


MARCH 2015 STATISTICS  (long term averages in brackets)

Rainfall:  11.6 mm  (65.3 mm)

Rain days:  6  (10)
2015 rainfall total Jan to Mar:  150.8 mm  (255.3 mm)

Average maximum temp:  25.9 deg  (23.3 deg)  

Average minimum temp:  10.4 deg  (10.2 deg)  

Highest maximum temp:  33.8 deg on the 20th

Lowest maximum temp:  19.2 deg on the 21st

Highest minimum temp:  16.4 deg on the 21st

Lowest minimum temp:  -0.6 deg on the 28th

Fine sunny days:  15  (16)

Ideal weather days:  1  (2)

Days with thunderstorms:  3  (2)

Days with frosts:  1  (0.6)   

Days with fogs:  2  (3.5)

Wind direction at 3pm & number of days:  W: 17,  E: 9,  SW: 4,  SE: 1 

Average daily pan evaporation:  4.1 mm  (3.7 mm)

Thunderstorm details:

1st:    1.55-2.20pm - slight storm from west, 0.1 mm rain
          9.15-10.15pm - moderate storm from west, 0.8 mm rain

18th:   9.00-9.40am - moderate storm with small hailstones mixed with rain from west, 6.4 mm rain
21st:   6.10-7.20pm - slight storm from north-west, 0.8 mm rain