MAY  2012

May 2012 was a cool, sunny and dry month.
A number of high pressure systems drifting slowly across the centre of the continent kept Armidale’s weather mostly dry and sunny. As a result only 11.4 millimetres of rain was recorded during the whole month.
Day temperatures were close to normal, but overnight minimums were much cooler than normal as a result of numerous calm clear nights.
There were no notable temperature extremes.
The clear skies at night produced 22 frosts, 5 of them being severe.
Winds were much lighter than normal and were predominantly westerlies.

There were no noteworthy events.



MAY 2012 STATISTICS  (long term averages in brackets):

Rainfall:  11.4 mm  (43.4 mm)

Rain days:  6  (8)
2012 rainfall total Jan to May:  263.2 mm  (344.8 mm)

Average maximum temp:  16.4 deg  (16.2 deg)  

Average minimum temp:  -0.1 deg  (3.2 deg)  

Highest maximum temp:  21.1 deg on the 10th 

Lowest maximum temp:  11.3 deg on the 26th

Highest minimum temp:  11.3 deg on the 25th 

Lowest minimum temp:  -6.0 deg on  the 23rd 

Fine sunny days:  22  (15)

Ideal weather days:  10  (4)

Days with thunderstorms:  0  (1)

Days with frosts:  22  (13)   light: 3, moderate: 14, severe: 5    

Days with fogs:  5  (5)

Wind direction at 3pm & number of days:  W: 15,  E: 7, SW: 5, SE: 2, NE: 1, S: 1 

Average daily evaporation:  1.6 mm  (1.6 mm)

May 2012 daily data