October 2014 was an unusually dry, warm and sunny month.

The rainfall total of 22.4 millimetres was 46 mm lower than the average with most of the rain falling overnight on the 14th-15th (21.4 mm).

Although overnight minimum temperatures were close to normal, day temperatures were well above normal. The average maximum for the month of 24.1 deg was the highest on record at the present weather station site, and the second highest on record from previous CBD records which commenced in 1891. The highest was 25.5 deg in 1896.
Sunny skies, warm westerly winds and an almost complete lack of rain systems resulted in the unseasonably warm spring month. The last week was the warmest with temperatures exceeding 30.0 deg on three days peaking at 32.4 deg on the 26th, the highest ever in the month of October (see below).

Noteworthy events:
- A low pressure trough over inland New South Wales directed very warm north-westerly winds over most of the state with Armidale reaching 32.4 deg at 3.55pm. This was the Armidale’s hottest October day on record (from 106 years of temperature records available). Armidale airport recorded a maximum of 31.6 deg at 4.03pm. The previous highest October temperature on record was 31.5 deg on 19th October 2002. The 27th October 2014 was almost as hot as the previous day reaching 31.5C.

long term averages in brackets)

Rainfall:  22.4 mm  (67.9 mm)

Rain days:  4  (9)
2014 rainfall total Jan to Oct:  354.8 mm  (614.4 mm)

Average maximum temp:  24.1 deg  (20.6 deg)   

Average minimum temp:  5.7 deg  (5.5 deg)   

Highest maximum temp:  32.4 deg on the 26th 

Lowest maximum temp:  13.5 deg on the 15th

Highest minimum temp:  12.8 deg on the 25th

Lowest minimum temp:  -0.6 deg on the 17th 

Fine sunny days:  21  (18)

Ideal weather days:  4  (2)

Days with thunderstorms:  3  (4)

Days with frosts:  5  (7)   light: 3,  moderate: 2

Days with fogs:  0  (2)

Wind direction at 3pm & number of days:  W: 12,  SW: 9,  S: 4,  E: 2,  SE: 2,  NE: 1,  NW: 1

Average daily pan evaporation:  4.7 mm  (4.1 mm)

Thunderstorm details:

13th:   3.40-4.00pm - slight storm from west
          7.40-8.15pm - slight storm from west
          11.10-11.40pm - slight storm from west
14th:   4.00-5.15am approx - slight storms
23rd:  3.30-5.30pm - thunder in east (sparse)