The summer of 2010/2011 was generally cloudier than normal with warm days and mild nights.
Rainfall for the three months was only slightly higher than the long term average (LTA). December recorded 90.6 mm (LTA 88.8 mm), January 103.8 mm (LTA 101.8 mm) and February 94.8 mm (LTA 88.8 mm). The total of 289.2 mm was 10 mm higher than the LTA. The heaviest daily falls were on February 7th (40.0 mm) and February 13th (36.6 mm).
Day temperatures were much cooler than normal in December, close to normal in January, and warmer than normal in February. Overnight temperatures were higher than normal in all three months.
Maximums averaged 25.1 degrees (LTA 25.6 degrees) over the three months, and minimums averaged 13.2 degrees (LTA 12.1 degrees).
Temperatures reached 30.0 degrees or higher on 12 days which was one more than the LTA. The hottest day of the summer was January 26th recording 33.4 degrees. The coolest minimum was an unusually chilly 1.2 degrees on December 21st with a light frost which was the lowest December temperature for 9 years.
Thunderstorm activity was lower than normal with storms on 14 days. There were no hailfalls.
It was a slightly cloudier summer than normal with fine sunny weather on 36 days (LTA 45 days).
Prevailing winds were easterlies in December and January, and westerlies in February.