The summer of 2011/2012 was unusually cloudy and cool.
Rainfall for the three months was slightly higher than the long term average (LTA). December recorded 111.6 mm (LTA 88.8 mm), January 51.6 mm (101.8 mm) and February 121.8 mm (LTA 88.7 mm). The total of 285.0 mm was 6 mm higher than the LTA. The heaviest daily falls were on 22nd December (31.2 mm) and 1st February (28.0 mm).
It was Armidale’s coolest summer since 1984 with maximum temperatures for the three months averaging 22.9 degrees (LTA 25.6 deg). December was the coolest month, and February was the warmest. Temperatures did not reach 30 degrees at all, and reached or exceeded 25 degrees on just 27 days (LTA 48 days). The highest maximum was 29.4 degrees on 8th January.
Overnight temperatures were slightly below normal averaging 11.8 degrees (LTA 12.1 deg), the lowest was 3.8 degrees on 12th January.
Thunderstorm activity was much lower than normal with storms on 10 days. There were no hailfalls.
It was a much cloudier summer than normal with fine sunny weather on just 27 days (LTA 44 days).
Prevailing winds were easterlies in December and January, and westerlies in February.

The summer of 2011/12 was Armidale’s sixth coldest summer on record.
The coldest on record was the summer of 1910/11.
(From 120 years of records based on average maximum temperatures only.)