The summer of 2012/13 was overall slightly warmer than normal and slightly wetter than normal.
Rainfall for the three months totaled 344.6 mm which was 65 millimetres higher than the long term average (LTA).
December recorded 93.0 mm (LTA 89 mm), January 162.0 mm (LTA 101 mm), and February 89.6 mm (LTA 89 mm). The highest daily fall was 47.8 mm on the 19th/20th January.
Although it was Australia’s hottest summer on record, temperatures in Armidale throughout the three summer months averaged out to be only slightly higher than the long term average.
Temperatures were mostly above average in December and January, but cooler cloudier conditions prevailed during February with day temperatures considerably lower than normal. The hot summer weather started in the last week of November and continued through to the 1st of February. Temperatures reached 30.0 deg or higher on 17 days during this period (LTA 12 days). The highest maximums were 34.7 deg on 12th January and 34.9 deg on 13th January, and these were Armidale’s hottest days for four years.
Overnight temperatures were mostly milder than normal with the warmest nights in January. The coldest was 3.0 deg on 6th December.
Thunderstorm activity was close to normal with storms on 21 days, and there were no hailfalls.
Despite the warmer than normal temperatures, it was a cloudy summer with just 32 sunny days (LTA 43 days).
Prevailing winds were westerlies in December, and easterlies in January and February.