The summer of 2014/2015 was warm, cloudy and wet.
Low pressure troughs were very active during December and January producing good above average falls of rain and numerous thunderstorms. February, however received only light falls of rain.
The rainfall total for the three months was 298.8 millimetres which was 20 mm higher than the long term average (LTA).
December recorded 159.6 mm (LTA 89 mm), January 113.2 mm (LTA 101 mm) and February 26.0 mm (LTA 89 mm). The highest daily fall was 31.8 mm on 28th January.
After the unusually hot November of 2014, the following summer months were much cooler. Temperatures were warmer than normal in December, but cooler than normal in January and February. The overall result for the three summer months was as follows:
Average maximum temperature: 25.3 deg  (LTA: 25.6 deg)
Average minimum temperature: 12.6 deg  (LTA 12.1 deg)
Temperatures reached 30.0 deg or higher on just three days (LTA 12 days).
It was a cloudy summer with only 26 sunny days (LTA 43 days), and thunderstorm activity was quite high with storms on 31 days (LTA 19 days). No hail was observed with any of the storms.
Prevailing winds were westerlies in December, and easterlies in January and February.